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African Hebrew


Slavery to Eurovision

African Hebrew Israelites mark 50 years in Israel


Vegan for 50 years

the Village that began the Vegan craze in Israel

Israel still wont commit

They serve in the IDF, but still feel second class

African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem
Story of the
Soul Messengers From Dimona
Howshua Amariel
Real History World Wide
Hebrew Israelite Kingdom
Marriage in Ancient Israel
100 African Cities Destroyed By Europeans
Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int.
Yisraelite Organization of Unity
Israelite Music and Artists

Soul Citizenship

Israel as Africa


"Divine geography" of the Hebrew Israelites.

Dark skinned hunter-gatherers


European hunter-gatherers were dark skinned

Out of Africa


Oldest human remains fond in cave in Israel

The House of Israel

The returned of the lost sheep of the House of Israel are settled in Dimona

The Cult on Coventry

The Hebrew Israelites of Clevland under attack

African Jewish Communities

Getting mainstream Jewish  recognition

Dead at 75

The Spiritual leader of the African Hebrew Israelites, Ben Ammi

As Druze Officer is hailed as Hero

Lapid, other coalition members join Lieberman

Calls to amend nation-state law gather steam

The Feast of Oaths/Shavuot

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