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Getting to know Us...


 "4 And I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these lands; and by thy seed shall all the nations of the earth bless themselves;

   5 Because that Abraham hearkened to My voice, and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes, and My laws.'"

Genesis 26


The restoration of the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in their prophetic wholeness to their promised inheritance is a blessing to all of the nations of the earth, if the instructions of the God of our fathers, who has fulfilled His word and redeemed His scattered children, are accepted and become a living reality in the hearts of His people. 


Many of these blessings have manifested in the over 50 years of our presence here in Israel. For example, while veganism did not originate with our community, our promotion of this radical departure from the dietary standard of the world, and practice of it as a community, has been acknowledged by as august an authority as the United Nations as the only viable solution to the global food crisis. In that same time span, the State of Israel has become one of the most progressive countries in the world in the area of vegan foods!


We feel that our 50 plus years in the land of Israel must be enshrined in a place worthy of its historic value, where the brave efforts of our founding fathers and the others before them can be displayed and preserved for the generations yet unborn and shared with the world at large. We here in Arad, naturally, envision this Hebrew Israelite Cultural Museum in our city, the site of the first placement of the returning pioneers of our community. This is our desire, but what is of greater importance is that the Museum become a reality, wherever that might finally be in this land!





Our organization was initially established in 2014 to promote the communal interests of members of the Hebrew Israelites living in the city of Arad, Israel. However, we soon came to realize that this was too narrow a vision and it has since expanded to include the National and International Hebrew Israelite communities as one family, inclusive of the Jewish People, as promised by Yah YAHWAH.


Differences of perspective do not negate our common heritage, and it is this common heritage which must serve as the motivating force behind the reuniting of the families of the House of Yaacob/Yisrael, in the land promised to our fathers, Eretz Yisrael. We are dedicated to facilitating the blessed return of more of the House of Israel to the land promised to our Fathers, and view the fact that the nationality given in all the passports of citizens of Israel as "ישראלית", or "Israelite", as a sign that this is a prophetic inevitability.


This organization does not represent or speak for the Dimona based community in any official capacity; we are concerned individuals who have come together to pursue common interests and goals as Hebrew Israelites' living in Israel and serving the God of our fathers, the God of Truth, known to us as Yah YAHWAH. We recognize that over the course of our years here in Yisrael, we have grown as a people and now live in communities throughout the land, as our fathers did. As in those times, there are different expressions of Israelite culture, but a realization that, wherever we are, we are seen as members of the Hebrew Israelite family.


Membership is open to any person who agrees with the stated goals and objectives of the organization and pledges to abide by them. In addition, a  person may support the goals and activities of the Amutah without being a member.


Our principle goals are as follows;


  • Preserving and sharing the roots of the culture and traditions of the Hebrew Israelite people and promoting the unification of the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the land of their prophetic inheritance, the land of Israel, for the sake of the future of their children and the coming generations. These goals will be achieved in various ways, inclusive of the use of Art and Dance, Folklore, the Stage and the rest of the fine Arts and by every educational and cultural activity the Amutah recognizes as such.


The principal methods of achieving these goals include, but are not restricted to, the following:


  • Eliciting national and international support for the universal recognition of the land of Yisrael as the ancestral home of the whole family of Jacob/Israel.

  • Sponsoring and promoting Hebraic cultural classes and events in all areas of Hebraic culture, inclusive of dance, theater, sports, education, health, jewelry and clothing, handcrafts, etc.

  • Establishing a Hebraic Cultural Museum

  • An annual conference 

  • The publication of books, articles and periodicals


Our prophetic return to this land according to the unfailing words of Yah YAHWAH and by His Grace and Mercy, under the inspired, Anointed leadership of Ben Ammi, has opened the sealed book of Daniel, and mandates the acknowledgement of the presence of two seats of authority, as prophecied by the ancient Prophets of Yisrael, who must be reconciled back into one United Kingdom.


As community leader, Ben Ammi taught a perspective of the instructions given to Moses that is somewhat different than that of the Jewish Rabbis; the Jewish people have had over 2,000 years as a cohesive community to study and formulate their understanding of those instructions, while we, Ephraim/Israel, languished in captivity with only limited knowledge of our true identity and no national unity. This new perspective has to be incorporated into the national standards of newly redeemed Israel and Judah going forward.





Hebrews in Arad Request a Museum - 29/01/15

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