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Amuta A New Day By-Laws


A: Membership


 1.    Accepting Members

  • The founders of the Amutah are members from the day of its registration in the Amutote registry.

  • A person desirous of joining the Amutah will submit a request in this wording:

      “I (name, address and ID number), am requesting to become a member of       

       (A New Day) and I am knowledgeable of the goals to promote Hebrew 

      Israelite culture and traditions and the Protocol of the Amutah. If I am

      accepted as a member, I pledge to honor the guidelines of the Protocol and the

      decisions of the General Assembly of the Amutah.”

  • The decision to accept or reject the requester as a member is in the hands of the Executive Board. If the Executive Board rejects the request, the requester may appeal the decision at the next General Assembly.


2.   Rights and responsibilities of members

  • A member of the Amutah is entitled to participate and vote at every General Assembly and will have one voice in each voting. A member is entitled to choose and be chosen for the Executive Board or the Review Board.

  • A member of the Amutah is entitled to participate in the Amutah’s activities and to enjoy its services.

  • The Executive Board, with the approval of the General Assembly, is authorized to set the amount of membership fees to be paid by the members.

  • Expiration of membership in the Amutah does not exempt the member from payments due up to and including the period of the expiration of their membership.


3.   Membership Expiration

  • Membership in the Amutah is terminated when:

              The member dies, and has chosen that his death dissolves his


            The member leaves the Amutah; a letter of intent to leave must be given

              to the Board 30 days prior.

              The member is dismissed from the Amutah

  •  The General assembly is authorized, according to the suggestion of the Executive Board to decide on the dismissal of a member from the Amutah for any one of the following:

                The member fails to pay to the Amutah what is due her.

                The member acts in opposition to the goals of the Amutah.

                The member does not follow the Protocol of the Amutah or the decisions

                of the General Assembly.

                The member is convicted of a criminal offense.

  •  The Executive Board will not recommend to the General Assembly to dismiss a member until it has given the member an opportunity to address the claims against him before the Executive Board, and will not recommend dismissal for the first 3 offenses in (b) until after the member has been warned and suitable time given for the offense to be corrected.


4.   The giving of notices to members

      Notices, requests, warnings and other announcements of the Amutah to

      members will be given in writing by hand or sent by regular mail to the

      address recorded in the membership ledger; the member’s registered address

      will be changed at their written request.



                                                                              B:  The General Assembly


5.   Time and place

       The Executive Board will set the day, time and place for gathering of the

       General Assembly.

6.   Notice

       The Executive Board will convene the General Assembly and send each

       member a notice at least ten days prior, inclusive of the day, time, place and


7.   Functions of the regular General Assembly

       The regular General Assembly will hear reports of the activities of the

       Executive Board and the Review Board, discuss them and financial reports of

       the Executive Board, decide on permits and choose the Executive and Review


8.   Quorum

  • The General Assembly shall not open if less than a quarter of the Amutah members are present. If this quorum is present at the opening, the Assembly is permitted to continue with discussions to reach decisions even if less than this number are present.

  • This quorum will not convene more than an hour pass the time set in the invitation, the assembly will be considered postponed, without need of an additional invitation, 7 days at the same time and place, and those present at this postponed assembly are authorized to discuss and reach decisions, whatever their number.

9.   Chairperson and secretary

      The General Assembly will select, from among the Amutah’s members, a

      chairperson and secretary for the assembly.

10.  Decisions

       Decisions of the General Assembly will be reached by a majority of those

       voting, except when the law or this Protocol require another majority, in the           case of a draw the chairperson is authorized to cast the deciding vote.

11.  Protocol

      The secretary for the General Assembly will oversee the assembly protocol.



                                                                                 C:  The Executive Board


12.  Number of members

       The number of Board members will be determined by the General Assembly

       and will not be less than 2.

13.  Period of tenure

       The Board will function from the time of its selection by the General Assembly

       until another Board is selected by a different Assembly. An outgoing member

       can be selected to the new Board.

14.  Completing the Board

  • If a board member vacates their position, the remaining members/member is authorized to designate another Amutah member to function as a Board member until the next General Assembly. Until the appointment is made the remaining members/member is authorized to function as the Board.

  • A Board member who is prevented from fulfilling his duties may be replaced by another Amutah member chosen by the remaining Board members until their return to their duties.

       Board sittings

15.  The Board is authorized to set the schedule for its sittings, summons to them,

       sitting quorums and how they are conducted. 


16.   Decisions of the Board will be reached by a simple majority of those voting,

       with no majority, the proposal will not be accepted; a unanimous decision of

       the Board can enable acceptance outside the sitting.


17.   The Board will employ a protocol for its sittings and decisions.

       Right of representation

18.   The Board is authorized to document 2 or more of its members to sign on

        behalf of the Amutah on documents that obligate the Amutah, and to         

        execute in its name activities within the area of its authority.



                                                                                 D:  Review Board


        Applicable Guidelines

19.    Guidelines 12-17 of the Protocol also apply to the Review Board with the

        required changes.



                                                                                 E:  Branches


        Establishing branches and organizations

20.   The Amutah is authorized, with the agreement of the General Assembly, to

        set-up branches and determine their organization and the order of their




                                                                                   F:  Assets after Dissolution


       Transferal of excess assets

21.   If the Amutah is dissolved and after its debts have been fully discharged, the

       assets of the institution shall be transferred to another public institution

       approved for the purposes of section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance and shall

       not be distributed among its members.

                                                                         G: Use of the assets of the Amutah

22. The assets and revenues of the Institute are used solely for its purposes and

      the distribution of profits or benefits among the members is strictly forbidden.

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