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Reverse Anti-Semitism

Neither the mother or her children in this photo are under threat of deportation from Israel, but they are the victims of what I call "reverse anti-Semitism" in Israel.

What do I mean by "reverse anti-Semitism"?

an·ti-Sem·i·tism /ˌan(t)ēˈseməˌtizəm,ˌanˌtīˈseməˌtizəm/

noun noun: antisemitism

  1. hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.

Definitions from Oxford Languages

The reverse of this is, in my opinion, the Jewish people showing hostility or prejudice towards other people. How does this apply to the family in the photo? The children are at this time by definition stateless, because they have no citizenship of any country, although the mother has American citizenship.

So why don't the children have American citizenship? Because the mother has never lived in America. and therefore cannot bestow her citizenship to her children. This would have to be done via the grandparents, which would require traveling to America and living there for at least a year by the children and at least one of the grandparents, which is simply nt going to happen.

The mother was born in Israel and has never been to America. She served 7-8 months in the IDF but didn't finish the term of service due to medical reasons. She applied for Israel citizenship, which thereby also impart citizenship to the children, and was told she would have to renounce her American citizenship to be eligible. Renouncing American citizenship not only cost over $2,000, but in addition there is no guarantee of receiving it.

But, wait, there are people in Israel with dual American and Israel citizenship! How is that?

Does Israel allow dual citizenship with the USA?

Dual/multiple citizenship is explicitly allowed for an oleh who becomes Israeli by right of return. This is to encourage the overseas Jewish diaspora to migrate to Israel without forcing them to lose their previous national statuses. Israeli citizenship law - Wikipedia › wiki › Israeli citizenship law

This is reverse anti-Semitism; the granting of dual-citizenship only to Jews is prejudicial towards all others who apply for citizenship. If any country denies Jews any right because they are Jewish, there is a great up roar and cries of "Anti-Semitism!" are heard. Yet, when the reverse is done by the Jewish people in Israel, no one says a word against this obvious prejudicial law.

It is hypocritical to engage in practices in your own country that you denounce in is time to do away with reverse-Antisemitism.

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