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“We must remember that the Holy Scriptures were written during the degeneration of the Adamic World, referred to as the “fall of Adam and Eve”. Much of the text is inscribed in metaphor and similitudes. Many times the inspired prophets of Israel addressed only the immediate situation, event, or context. What is written was/is not always the absolute or final word. The ideal, or ultimate message is often encapsulated within the prophets’ words. This is the paradox of the bible. The great challenge that faces our generation in this: we are those that must search the scriptures, extract the eternal ideals from that which the prophets wrote, then cause these truths to reach their spiritual and institutional fullness and perfection.

“The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a law giver from between his feet, until Shiloh come: and unto him shall the gathering of the people be”

Genesis 49:10

Shiloh is not a personal name but a title given to the lawgiver, or “to who’s right it is to define the law.” All messianic personages of the bible were “Shiloh”. How do we identify them? We can discern from Genesis 49:10, three characteristics which distinguish Shiloh: 1) he will be an acknowledged anointed personage of the Adamic/Davidic order; 2) his judiciary platform will be Hebraic fundamentalism, and he will administer with absolute jurisdiction in its arbitration; 3) he will congregate the People of the Most Holy, returning them to the dictates of Yah Yisrael’s eternal Truth.

Whenever Shiloh appears, his anointing enables him to comprehend the eternal ideal from the written laws that were before him, hereby authorizing him to modify where necessary what was previously documented. Like the great lawgiver Moses, everyone acknowledged as Shiloh were authorized to establish new laws or institute modifications in the established order. The level of consciousness of the people to which they administer the law would determine the modifications.

For example, in these days of the establishment of the Kingdom of Yah, the Anointed leader Ben Ammi personifies Shiloh, thereby placing the absolute authority of the law under his jurisdiction. In establishing his “Platform for Divine Health”, the Anointed Ben Ammi has made modifications in dietary laws by instituting “no salt days”, “sugarless weeks”, “live weeks”, “veganism” and “fasting”. Not one of these dietary laws is established in the Levitical laws concerning diet. As a matter of fact, in relationship to diet, Moses allowed, with restrictions, a carnivorous diet. We recall, Moses administering to a people in a state of degeneration; therefore he would not have/could not have established an absolute and final dietary law. What he did was establish a higher order of dietary consciousness based on the conscious state of the people of the time. In this dispensation of time, Ben Ammi is administering to a new people, a people that are in a process of regeneration. Therefore the laws administered to the people in the time of Moses are not always applicable to a people in a regenerative cycle. Modifications have been made in order to continue the process of regeneration. Ben Ammi/Shiloh extracts the eternal ideal from what Moses establishes which was not an absolute law governing food consumption, but guidelines built upon the ideal of an absolute dietary consciousness.

King Solomon constructed a great physical temple to glorify Yah Yisrael. For hundreds of generations his tabernacle stood as a paradigm of dedication and solidarity unto Yahwah. Like the times of Moses, Solomon established and eternal ideal, which is “the glorification of Yah Yisrael”, not necessarily meaning that everyone must erect a monumental edifice to glorify Yah. Likewise the Anointed Ben Ammi is constructing a great temple to glorify Yah, not a physical edifice, but a new temple i.e. a new man possessing a new mind and a new spirit. The new man becomes the temple, his righteous experiences and his works are the glorification of Yah. This is the eternal temple/eternal ideal.

Both these examples, Moses and Solomon, disclose for us the meaning of extracting ideal from what is written in the Holy Scriptures. In his exegesis, “Helping you conceptualize the New Heave and the New Earth”, the Anointed Ben Ammi, extracts the eternal ideal from that which the prophets envisioned as the “New Heaaven and Earth” and structures it into a methodological and comprehensive lesson for the lay and scholar alike.

Unlike the other Shiloh’s before him, Ben Ammi is the perfection of the Adamic messianic legacy; the spiritual and prophetic apex of Yah’s redemptive messengers. His regenerative concepts/precepts establishes the eternal essence of Yah’s perfect order for the Adamic creation. For we have entered into the most momentous period of human history; the Kingdom of Yah has been established on earth as it is in Heaven…!”

The New World Scholarship Body of Jerusalem

Introduction to Helping You Conceptualize the New Heaven and New Earth

First, we must give all praises to Yah YAHWAH, Most High and Most Holy, who has fulfilled His word onto our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and returned us, their ascended seed, back to the land given onto our fathers as an eternal inheritance. To Him we give eternal thanks and are forever grateful for His love, mercy and compassion. We thank Him for sending the Angel to deliver His word of redemption to a humble son of his people, Ben Ammi, to declare that He had forgiven His people, and that it was time for them to begin the journey home.

We are thankful to Ben Ammi for choosing to believe in the validity of the message and to move by faith to share it with others. He was not the leader then, but he was the chosen one, the Anointed of the Most High, just as David was while serving in the army of Saul. We are eternally grateful for the dedication and commitment he showed in serving YAHWAH’S people in any capacity needed, being the example of the servant/leader. He was the Anointed Personage for his time, as were all his predecessors, and like them he is worthy of a place of perpetual honor in the annals of our people.

To all those seeking and striving to know Truth and live righteous lives, I greet you in Peace and wishes for all the blessings that come with finding and applying Truth in your life!

I received a message yesterday from Sister Racayah asking me if I had a copy of the document “The Seven Prophetic Stations”. I didn’t have one, but in searching thru my papers I came across the document I quote from in the beginning of this writing. I was flipping through it when the word “Shiloh” caught my eye, and I paused to read what this was about. The Holy Spirit had once again given me what I needed; because I was trying to help Sister Racayah, I was given the answer to something that had been on my mind since Abba Ben Ammi’s ascension, namely, how do we identify his successor?

The explanation given by the Scholarship Body is very concise and clear in describing “Shiloh”, i.e. the Anointed Personage. The Anointed Lawgiver will fit these points, and thereby we have a model of what we are to look for in Ben Ammi’s successor.

He will be anointed in Hebrew fundamentalism, recognized as well versed in the scriptures and an acknowledged spiritual person. To make the modifications needed for the season in the laws, he must be very familiar with them. He will be known to be of a quick understanding when it comes to the word of the Most High and be recognized as a good teacher of His instructions.

He will be compassioned and well-liked by the people, with a reputation for honesty, trustworthiness and fairness. His integrity will be well known and he will be a willing servant to all the people. He will be a healer and a man of mercy and forgiveness, yet, willing to confront all adversaries of his God and his people. He will be a man of peace.

He will testify of his God in spite of the danger of ridicule, and will publicize His word as it is given to him. He will declare the time and the season as it is revealed to him. He will not be afraid or discouraged. He will be a leader and not afraid to hear the opinion of others or to seek counsel. He will be raised up by YAHWAH…

“But they shall serve YAHWAH their God, and David their king, whom I will raise up unto them.”

Jeremiah 30:9

Most importantly in this season, he will be male and female, the image of Yah, the new Adam!

Have a blessed Shabbat….

Anaviel Ben Eleazer


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