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Return to Zion

First, giving all praise to The Most High, Yah YAHWAH, I greet you all in peace and love, with wishes for an abundance of blessings for all the righteous!

We the had the privilege and pleasure of hosting a filming session that was done to promote raising awareness of the historical and prophetic significance of the Ancient Temple that was discovered at Tel-Arad, the uncovering of which Brother Howshua Amariel, played a major role. Brother Howshua (also known as Yeshua) was interviewed by Brother Stephen Graham from England, who is a freelance reporter, author and blogger who specializes in helping to bring attention to subjects and information of critical importance to our people.

We were further blessed with the presence of Sheikh Aied and Brother Nathanel from Dimona, and Sister Atarah TsaphanYahu Bath Yahudah. It was a very enlightening and enjoyable time!

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