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We Are Family is our annual cultural event presented since 2016 in the city of Arad. Its goal is to highlight the cultural contributions of the Hebrew Israelite community to the diverse cultural menagerie of the State of Israel as a reflection of the cultural variety of the ancient Israelite family of our patriarch Jacob.

First held in the Arad culture center, it has since grown and is now held in the Oron theater to capacity audiences while vendors and artisans display and sell their products and artistic wares outside in the city center. We look forward to its continued growth as a vehicle to bring the families of the city of Arad together as one Israelite people!

Citizenship for all

Hebrew Israelites!

Sacred seeds

Even though the Hebrew Israelites of Dimona, Arad and Mitzpeh Rimon have been in Israel for over 50 years, many are still denied citizenship here. In addition, there are generations of children born in Israel whose parents hae never lived in America, thus denying them both Israeli and American citizenship! Help us set right this situation!

Visit to the Basketball camp of Amar'e stoudemire

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